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bed bug infestation

Why Does My Houston Home Have A Bed Bug Problem?


Pests are pestering indeed, never more so when they enter your Houston home and overstay their welcome. Even worse are pests that feed on you and your family, multiply quickly, and are hard to find and eradicate. Bed bugs are one of the most unwelcome and difficult to deal with pests for all of these reasons. Bed bugs suck your blood while you're sleeping. The bites they leave are unattractive, red, and exceedingly itchy. The average resi... Read More

termites infesting a home

All The Ways You Could Be Wrong About Termites In Salt Lake City


Termites are some of the worst wood-eating insects on the planet, and many Salt Lake City homes and businesses have sustained significant damage due to these pests. Five billion dollars are spent each year in the U.S. on prevention for and repair from termites. Because termites typically live and breed in foundations and behind walls and out of sight, most people won't know they have a termite problem until damage has already be... Read More

house mouse inside

The Trick To Keeping Mice Out Of Your Salt Lake City Home


Sometimes it seems as though pests are only here to torment us; some pose a physical threat to our health and well-being, some are capable of spreading diseases, and some can do significant damage to your property. Mice do all of the above, on top of reproducing quickly, so what may start as a small problem fast becomes a big one. It’s very difficult to eradicate mice after they’ve overrun your Salt Lake City home, so you... Read More

black widow spider

Why Are There So Many Spiders In My Phoenix Home?


Most Phoenix homeowners are puzzled as to why they are experiencing issues with pests. The average person knows to keep their home neat and clean in order to keep pests out, but even the most immaculate home can become a haven for unwanted invaders. It could be the climate, the yard, or just the fact that there was an opportunity to enter. When it’s unclear what motivates pests to hang around, it’s even harder to figure out ho... Read More

mouse outside scavenging

Four Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For Phoenix Property Owners


Pests can turn the lives of Phoenix home and business owners completely upside down. Some pests can cause property damage, leaving costly effects long after they're gone. Others can carry and transmit illnesses to humans and pets. Rodents can do all of the above, destroying property and bringing illness into your home or business. Rodents are covered in bacteria and parasites that can contaminate food and make you or your family sick... Read More

cockroaches eating food in a dish

The Best Way To Protect Your Denver Business From Pests


Pest remediation is often low on a Denver business owner’s to-do list and budget, since there are so many different costs and expenditures that need immediate attention to keep their operation running. Further, a lot of business owners assume that if there are no visible pests around the property, everything is well. They are sorely mistaken: many critters have the ability to slip into a space, hide away, and wreck things very quietly. O... Read More


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